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The Legal Department makes available two types of services:

1. advice and information regarding the legal and administrative aspects of business undertakings in Mauritius, in particular company law, intellectual property rights, laws related to business environment, and to fair competition and trading practices.

2. an efficient settlement of trade dispute mechanism with the setting up of a Permanent Court of Arbitration which offers the following advantages :

quick and flexible settlement of disputes;
confidentiality of proceedings;
accessibility to all economic operators whether mauritian or foreign;
arbitration rules based on international standards (ICC, UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules);
close monitoring throughout the overall process, from the initial request to the final award;
choice of arbitrator(s) by the parties to a dispute from a panel of national and international eminent professionals.

Mauritius is a member of the 1958 New York Convention on Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards which renders the venue of arbitral proceedings more attractive in Mauritius and which also contributes to positioning the MCCI Arbitration Court as a major centre in the region.
Furthermore, the Court has entered into cooperation agreements with arbitration Centers in Germany in several countries including Australia, France, India and Kenya. For information on the Permanent Court of Arbitration please click on the Quick Link on the Home Page.

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