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Assistance Scheme to the Informal Sector

Assistance Scheme to the Informal Sector

31 Mar 2020

The Assistance Scheme provided by Government is being extended to cover the following –


1. Self-Employed Individuals


- Eligible Self-Employed individuals will receive a financial support of Rs 5,100 (i.e. 50% of Guaranteed Income) for the period 16th March 2020 to 15th April 2020.


- Self-employed individuals who are either in business (examples: shops, hawkers, hair dressers, etc.) or are casual workers (examples: masons, plumbers, artists etc.) are eligible under the Scheme.


- Self-employed individuals in business or self-employed casual workers whose total monthly household income does not exceed Rs 50,000 will be eligible under the Scheme.

- Payment will be credited to their respective Bank Account.


- Those who do not have a Bank Account will obtain payment through the Mauritius Post.


- Online application form is available on MRA website


2. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) (Turnover up to Rs 50 million)


- In addition to the moratorium of 6 months on capital repayments, eligible Enterprises will also benefit from a moratorium of 6 months on interest payments in respect of their existing loans with Commercial Banks.


- Under the Special Relief Amount of Rs 5 billion earmarked by the Bank of Mauritius through its Support Programme, MSMEs are eligible for a moratorium of 6 months on both capital and interest payments in respect of new loans with Commercial Banks.


3. DBM Support (Turnover up to Rs 10 million)


- Micro and Small Enterprises can apply for loan facilities through Commercial Banks or to the DBM.


- DBM will disburse an amount not exceeding Rs 1 Million to an eligible applicant.


4. Relief to Lessees for Rental of Buildings


- DBM is waiving rental payments from its lessees of DBM Industrial Estates during the curfew period.


- Landscope will not charge any penalty from its lessees for late payment of rentals for the month of March 2020.


- Lessees renting private owned buildings are eligible to apply for loan facilities to cover rental costs from the following institutions:


o DBM (Revolving Credit Fund) – Micro and Small Enterprises. Interest will not be payable if loan is repaid within 9 months.


o Commercial Banks (under the Bank of Mauritius Special Relief Amount) – Other Enterprises.


5. Waiving of Fees for Market Stalls


- As part of its commitment to mitigate the adverse financial impact of the lockdown on economic operators, Government is waiving the fees payable by sellers of vegetables, haberdashery and general merchandise in markets around the island during the curfew period.


- For those who have already paid, the amount will be deducted in the next installment due.




View official communique here.