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GS1 Mauritius at MEMA 2023

GS1 Mauritius present at the MEMA Forum 2023

GS1 09 Nov 2023

GS1 Mauritius, a Business Unit of the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI), participated in the GS1 Middle East, Mediterranean, and Africa (MEMA) Regional Forum, held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from 6 to 9 November 2023.


This event serves as a platform of convergence for GS1 Member Organisations (MOs) hailing from the entire MEMA region.

Mr Sonny Wong, Chairman of GS1 Mauritius and MCCI Council Member and Mr Kheshav Mehendale, representing both GS1 Mauritius and the MCCI, attended the GS1 MEMA Forum 2023.

The MEMA Forum 2023 has been a profound and enriching experience, marked by the active participation of 23 MOs both physically and virtually.


Central to the discussions has been the promotion of GS1 standards on the international stage.


The forum has delved into an array of pivotal subjects, with a particular focus on cross-border trade, healthcare, circular economy, and product compliance.


Notably, the event featured insightful case studies demonstrating the implementation of GS1 standards, primarily Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs), in collaboration with tax authorities and for e-invoicing.


In addition, international companies representing sectors such as food and personal care manufacturing have underscored the critical importance of employing GS1 standards in the fight against hazardous food and counterfeit products.


Within the healthcare domain, discussions revolved around collaborative efforts with solution providers, regulators, and stakeholder requirements aimed at harmonising the utilisation of GS1 standards.


Emphasis has been placed on ensuring the accuracy of data uploaded to the GS1 Registry, ensuring correct information on the Verified By GS1 platform, and compliance with its implementation.


Migration to 2D codes has emerged as a highly significant and thought-provoking topic, inviting MOs to share their ongoing initiatives.


"GS1 Mauritius is privileged to participate in the MEMA Forum 2023. This event serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit of GS1 Member Organisations, where the exchange of knowledge and the promotion of GS1 Standards take centre stage. The discussions surrounding cross-border trade, healthcare, circular economy, and product compliance, have been crucial as these are areas where GS1 Standards play a transformative role. Our objective is to ensure the seamless integration of these standards across Mauritian industries and contributing to sustainable economic growth. The journey towards promoting GS1 standards is an ongoing one, and we look forward to leveraging our experiences at the MEMA Forum to make significant strides in this direction”, said Dr Drishtysingh Ramdenee, CEO of GS1 Mauritius and Secretary General of the MCCI.


The MEMA Forum 2023 has not only fostered a shared commitment to GS1 standards but has also inspired meaningful dialogue and collaboration, setting the stage for advancements in various sectors and industries.

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