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Key Actions put forward by ICC-WHO for private sector

Key Actions put forward by ICC-WHO for private sector

MCCI 19 May 2020

As the next stage of ICC’s collaboration with the World Health Organisation in the fight against COVID-19, the WHO has asked to distribute this document outlining the key actions business can take to immediately and tangibly help WHO in its mission.

Critically, WHO provides clear guidance on how businesses can make in-kind and financial donations, including with links to its new online donation platforms. The ICC has worked closely with WHO on its development of this document, which references multiple ICC guidance materials and has been designed to easily pass on to businesses through business networks.

The ICC has also attached a Call to Action which provides information on how companies can donate to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. Donations of in-kind critical items can be made here.

Download the key actions put forward by WHO-ICC here »