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MCCI Export Insights 2023

MCCI Export Insights 2023

Trade 27 Dec 2023

The Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) is pleased to announce the release of MCCI Export Insights 2023, a comprehensive guide to understanding Mauritius' dynamic exports landscape.


The MCCI Export Insights 2023, titled "Market Trends and Emerging Opportunities in Sustainable Trade", brings to light a positive trajectory of Mauritian exports. 


The publication provides a deep analysis of export statistics between 2012 and 2022 and proposes potential pathways to consolidate and expand our export capabilities.


Sustainable development is at the forefront of global policies, with the Paris Agreement and COP28 significantly influencing trade policies in major importing markets. 


As such, this edition of the MCCI Export Insights 2023 delves into the implications of these new policies and explores the rise of the green consumer. 


To access the MCCI Export Insights, please click here