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MCCI forms part of a panel discussion on Marketing and Sales Strategies

MCCI forms part of a panel discussion on Marketing and Sales Strategies

MCCI 10 Oct 2019


MCCI, represented by Mr. Azeem Salehmohamed, Economist and Industry Specialist, formed part of a panel discussion, organised by the Competition Commission of Mauritius on the challenges for marketing and sales strategies for businesses within the boundaries of competition law on Wednesday 9th October 2019. 


The discussions focused on the experience and perspectives of the various stakeholders in ensuring compliance to competition law whilst conducting marketing and sales strategies. Mr. Salehmohamed highlighted the close colloboration with the CCM on the Retail Price Maintenance (RPM), through awareness sessions and advice to the business community. Discussions also focused on the impact of big data and Artificial Intelligence on competition legislation as well as conflicts between IPR and Competition Law. He further highlighted the provisions on potential abuse of IP rights in the competition legislation of Mauritius.

The workshop highlighted the importance of ensuring that competition is a catalyst for further business development.  


The workshop forms part of a series of events organised by the Competition Commission to celebrate its 10 year anniversary. The panel discussion included Mr. Ratshisusu, the Deputy Commissioner of the Competition Commission of South Africa, Dr Juwaheer, Associate Professor of the University of Mauritius and Mr. Nitish Hurnaum, Partner at Eversheds Sutherland.