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MCCI Hosts Seminar on Biotechnology and Circular Economy with the MIBL

MCCI Hosts Seminar on Biotechnology and Circular Economy with the MIBL

MCCI 01 Jul 2024

The Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) hosted a seminar on biotechnology and circular economy initiatives today Monday 1 July 2024. The event saw the participation of the Mauritius Institute of Biotechnology Ltd (MIBL), Rigel Bioenviron Solutions Pvt Ltd, an indian-based company, as well as MCCI members.

Mrs Nandini Gooly-Gopalla, Manager Bio Economy at the Economic Development Board of Mauritius highlighted the MIBL's role in funding and facilitating biotechnology projects, with emphasis on circular economy principles, particularly waste valorisation. Dr Partha Chakravarty, Managing Director, and Dr Sanchita Mukherjee, Director and COO of Rigel Bioenviron Solutions Pvt Ltd, presented innovative technologies for organic waste valorisation. Attendees also featured business operators, members of the MCCI, from various sectors such as retail, distribution, food production, agriculture, and energy production.

Dr Drishtysingh Ramdenee, Secretary General of MCCI, stated that the Chamber plans to continue organising similar events to promote business opportunities for its members and support national initiatives. He added, "The MCCI is committed to facilitating business growth and innovation in Mauritius. By bringing together key stakeholders in biotechnology and circular economy, we are not only creating networking opportunities but also paving the way for sustainable economic development.”