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More details about the re-opening of Business Activities

More details about the re-opening of Business Activities

01 Apr 2021

-         As from tomorrow 1st of April 8 am, banks, bakeries, commercial centres, ‘magasins’, ‘arcades’, construction sites, hair parlours (not beauty parlours), medical & paramedical companies, and restaurants and fast-foods supplying only home-delivery and take-away services, will be allowed to operate throughout the island. However, markets and market fairs (‘bazars et foires’) will remain closed.


-         Amendments have been made regarding the red zone (constituencies 15, 16 and 17 and Canot). The industrial zone of Valentina, Petit-Camp, Jumbo area, Caro Laliane and part of Bonne-Terre and Closel are no longer part of the red zone.


-         All business operators will need a Work Access Permit (WAP) to be able to circulate throughout the island. However, Special WAPs will be necessary for people who will live elsewhere but will need to work into the red zone and for those who live in the red zone but need to work outside of the red zone.


-         Applications for both regular WAPs and Special WAPs are to be made through the besafemoris platform. The requests will be assessed on a case-to-case basis by a high-powered committee and are expected to take time.


-         To apply for a Special WAP, one should already have obtained a Regular WAP. Once the regular WAP is obtained, only then can business operators apply for the Special WAP, again, through the besafemoris platform, by choosing the “Special WAP” feature. If someone does not have a regular WAP, he/she will not be allowed to apply for a Special WAP.


-         The besafemoris platform has been temporarily suspended but should be resume later tonight.


Please check the link regularly to be updated.


-         Self-Employed people can apply for Regular WAPs and Special WAPs through the besafemoris platform, by clicking on the “private” subcategory and by inserting the company’s Business Registration Number (BRN). For those who do not have a BRN, their ID number can be submitted.


-         Business operators and employers must ensure that strict sanitary measures and social distancing are maintained at all times. Shopping, as per alphabetical order, is also to be observed. Regular police checks will be undertaken in retail outlets and other business which will be allowed to operate. Whoever does not adhere to the above-mentioned sanitary measures risks a fine of up to Rs 500 000 and an imprisonment term not exceeding five years.