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New Secretary General takes Office

New Secretary General, Dr. Drishtysingh Ramdenee, takes office

MCCI 03 Jul 2023

Dr. Drishtysingh Ramdenee has officially taken office as Secretary General of the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) today, Monday 3 July 2023.

Following his appointment by the Council in May, Dr. Ramdenee is committed to reinvigorating the mission of the MCCI, to consolidate the institution's role as the leading representative of the business community in Mauritius and internationally.

With a vast professional experience, Dr. Ramdenee has held positions of responsibility in various fields, notably at the Economic Development Board of Mauritius and the Mauritius Institute of Biotechnology.

In his capacity as Secretary General, Dr. Ramdenee will be responsible for developing and implementing policies and strategies in line with the MCCI's mission to contribute to the socio-economic development of Mauritius.

On Monday 3 July, Dr Ramdenee met the MCCI teams for the first time, "marking the beginning of a fruitful collaboration", said Namita Jagarnath Hardowar, President of the MCCI.

"Indeed, his considerable experience and expertise will be undeniable assets in implementing our strategy and supporting efforts to improve competitiveness and the ability of businesses to adapt to an increasingly complex economic environment. It is therefore crucial that we look to emerging sectors and focus on innovation, not only to stimulate growth, but also to respond to global challenges. We have an essential role to play in promoting these new niches and contributing to the country's inclusive socio-economic development over the long term".

Dr. Ramdenee is looking forward to his new role: "I am determined to work closely with the MCCI team and members to consolidate the role of the Chamber, while working to create a favourable business environment. Since its creation, the Chamber has played a leading role in the economic development of Mauritius. Proactivity, innovation and dynamism have always been part of the culture of the MCCI. I am confident that my skills and all the experience I have acquired will bring added value to the institution.”

In the coming weeks, Dr. Ramdenee plans to meet members of the Chamber, economic players and the organisation's main partners.