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Rejoinder from the MCCI regarding the article published in ‘ l’express ’of 24 November 2019

Rejoinder from the MCCI regarding the article published in ‘ l’express ’of 24 November 2019

MCCI 25 Nov 2019

Further to an article which appeared in L'express of Sunday 24 November 2019, The MCCI wishes to place on record its trust and support in the integrity and competencies of its Secretary General , Mr. Barlen Pillay. Based on his extensive knowledge and experience of the Mauritian economy and the business community over more than twenty years, the MCCI has appointed Mr. Pillay as the Secretary-General since December 2018 on a contract until his retirement early 2020, and is fully satisfied with his appointment and performance over the years.  The 3 years contract mentioned in the article as well as other information displayed are misleading.

As a high calibre professional, Mr Pillay has been involved in business facilitation at the MCCI and piloted several regional projects to enhance the opportunities of the business community. He has furthermore been involved in major business enablers such as competition, Intellectual property and innovation. Over the years he has contributed to the creation of a strong pillar to support the visibility and development of the MCCI through the setting up of business activities such as the Arbitration Center (MARC); the Tourist Tax refund; product traceability through Bar coding(GS1 Mauritius). Through this extensive exposure to the Mauritius business community and stakeholders, Mr. Pillay has spearheaded a number of innovative projects including the E-waste project and the Accelerated technology transfer Platform.
 The Secretary-General has been at the forefront of the public-private dialogue since his appointment and been extensively involved in MCCI advocacy initiatives in particular Budgetary Consultations, and other national dialogues on economic and industrial development.

Mr Barlen Pillay has confirmed to the MCCI Council of his retirement early next year after 24 years dedicated to the MCCI.
We therefore wish to reiterate our full support to Mr Barlen Pillay and wish him the most success over the next years.

Mr Marday Venkatasamy GOSK