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Basic Principles of GS1 & Barcoding (1)

Basic Principles of GS1 & Barcoding

GS1 29 Jul 2015

Our training on 'Basic Principles of GS1 & Barcoding’ for the month of July comprised of 8 participants mainly from Fast Moving Consumer Goods. Most of them were involved in packaging of goods such as snacks, spices and tea bags.


Barcoding of general merchandise products such as artisanal products like jewelry box, albums were explained to participants trading in these specific fields.


They were also explained how to barcode their products and how to use new barcodes when there are changes. The aim is to apprise participants on the importance of having a barcode of good quality and to adopt the GS1 Standards.


Some feedback received from participants:


''Excellent training''

''Very interesting ''


Legend: Participants together with Miss Sandrina Rasen, MQA Approved Trainer in GS1 Standards