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Basic Principles of GS1 & Barcoding (2)

Basic Principles of GS1 & Barcoding

GS1 28 Aug 2015

9 participants were present in our training session ‘Basic Principles of GS1 & Barcoding’ for the month of August. The participants were mainly from General Merchandise. Most of them were involved in packaging of goods such as tissue papers, paper bags, jelly, noodles, slippers and soft drinks.


This session was very animated as there were various types of products. The participants were explained how to barcode their products and also had an overview on the outer case numbering. At the end of the session, participants understood how orientation was important when placing barcodes on their product.


Some feedback received from participants:


''Enjoyed the course''

'' The course met the expectations ''



Legend: Participants together with Miss Fazlee Dhuny and Miss Sandrina Rasen, MQA Approved Trainers in GS1 Standards