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Brexit: Signing of the ESA-UK EPA

Brexit: Signing of the ESA-UK EPA

Trade 04 Feb 2019


The Eastern and Southern African (ESA) States have signed an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the UK on 31st January 2019 in London. The ESA-UK EPA will provide predictability and certainty to our exporters to the UK market, independent of any UK-EU Brexit outcomes.


Under the ESA-UK Economic Partnership Agreement, Mauritius will continue to benefit from duty free-quota free access on the UK market on all products, including that of high export interest such as sugar, tuna, garments, agro-processed products, pasta, biscuits, sugar confectionary and alcoholic beverages, amongst others. The agreement will also allow the sourcing of raw material from the European Union (EU) to be processed in Mauritius for subsequent export to the UK.  


The Agreement will enter into force once the UK moves out of the EU.