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Communiqué Ministry of Land Transport and Light Rail

Communiqué Ministry of Land Transport and Light Rail

29 Mar 2021

In the context of COVID-19, the Ministry of Land Transport and Light Rail
wishes to inform the public of the following: -

1.School Bus during NCE/PSAC Examinations
Exceptionally, Contract School buses will be allowed to operate during the National Certificate of Education (NCE) as well as during the Primary School Achievement Certificate (PSAC) Examinations subject to observance of strict sanitary protocols including wearing of face masks and physical distancing arrangements. These Contract School Buses will have to make provision for sanitisers and keep the windows open, as far as practicable. They will have to ensure that a Helper is present when conveying school children.

These operators will be allowed to operate within the sanitary red zone and will also be authorised to convey students from the red to green zones and vice-versa subject to their vehicles bearing a Sticker issued by the NLTA. Those operating within the green zone will be granted a Green Sticker while those operating in the red zone and from red to green or vice versa will be provided with a Red Sticker.

Contract School bus operators are requested to call at the NLTA Office at Cassis on 29 March 2021 at 10 00hrs in order to collect these Stickers. A Help Desk will be put in place by the NLTA to assist school bus operators accordingly. School bus operators will, however, need to produce their Public Service Vehicle Licence as well as the Permit issued to their Helpers. They will also need to submit the list of parents whose children are sitting and willing to avail school buses for the NCE or PSAC Examinations and also to which school they will convey these students.

2. Operation of NLTA Counters
As from Thursday 01 April 2021, the NLTA counters at its Head Office at Cassis as well as its Sub-Offices at Flacq, Plaine Lauzun and Forest Side will, until further notice, operate strictly as follows: - A to F – Monday and Thursday; G to N – Tuesday and Friday; and O to Z – Wednesday and Saturday.

The NLTA will be opened from 08 45 hrs to 15 00 hrs on weekdays and will be operational from 08 45 hrs to 12 00 hrs on Saturdays.

The Sub-Office of the NLTA at Forest Side will, however, be restricted only to vehicle owners residing within the sanitary red zone while the counter services at Autocheck, Plaine Lauzun will be operational for personalized registration marks. The NLTA counter services located at the Registrar General’s Department will operate in accordance with the opening and closing hours of the Registrar General’s Department.

Wearing of face mask will be mandatory and physical distancing protocols should be strictly observed within the premises of the NLTA and within all
Vehicle Examination Stations. Thermal Screening will be carried out at the entrance and access will be denied to those showing flu-like symptoms (high temperature, running nose or coughing).

3. Operation of Vehicle Examination Stations (VES)
As from Thursday 01 April 2021, the Vehicle Examination Stations will operate as per the same Alphabetical Order applicable at the NLTA Counters.
Vehicle owners / drivers residing within the fully controlled red zones should call at the SGS Ltd Vehicle Examination Station situated at Forest Side while vehicle owners/drivers residing in the green zone, should call at either the Autocheck Ltd Vehicle Examination Station at Plaine Lauzun or at the Eastern Vehicle Examination Station Ltd, located at Laventure for examination of their motor vehicles.

4. Sanitary Measures in the Public Transport
The Road Traffic (COVID-19 Sanitary Measures) Regulations 2020 and the Light Rail (COVID-19 Sanitary Measures) Regulations 2020 already make provision
for strict sanitary protocol onboard public transport vehicles such as wearing of face masks and disinfection/cleaning of vehicles.
The Road Traffic (COVID-19 Sanitary Measures) Regulations 2020 are being amended to provide for physical distancing, travel restrictions as well as the use of sanitisers and opening of windows.

The Light Rail Transit System will be operational as from Thursday 01 April 2021. In this context, strict sanitary protocols will be applicable and the number of passengers allowed on board the light rail vehicles will be restricted in order to provide for safe social distancing. The necessary Regulations are being amended.

5. Registration of Electric Motorcycles/Autocycles
In view of the resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown decreed by Government as from 10 to 31 March 2021, the registration process in respect of existing electric autocycles/motorcycles will now start as from 03 May 2021 instead of 31 March 2021 and will end on 31 December 2021 instead of 26 November 2021.
However, for the purchase of new electric autocycles/motorcycles, the date of 31 March 2021 will be maintained whereby the importers and dealers will have to register the vehicles in the owners’ name on purchase.

6. Wakashio Solidarity Fund
Funds have already been transferred to the bank accounts of the 352 eligible beneficiaries on Tuesday 23 March 2021.

The Ministry makes a special appeal to the public for extending their full collaboration and for strict compliance with the above-mentioned arrangements.