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COVID-19 Solidarity Fund

COVID-19 Solidarity Fund

Economy 26 Mar 2020

Government has set up a COVID-19 Solidarity Fund to provide support to the population and the community at large who are being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
In this respect, Government is inviting the private sector and the public at large to contribute to this Fund through the following bank accounts:

1. COVID-19 Solidarity Fund
State Bank of Mauritius Ltd
Account No. 50300000372769

2. COVID-19 Solidarity Fund
Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd
Account No. 000 44 761 2007

3. COVID-19 Solidarity Fund
Absa Bank (Mauritius) Limited
Account No. 14/2019639

4. COVID-19 Solidarity Fund
MauBank Ltd
Account No. 102 000028130


5. COVID-19 Solidarity Fund

Bank One

Account No. 03181066712


Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development