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Employment of non-citizens (spouses) - non-citizens who were working prior to the 8th March 2019 will continue to be exempted

Amendments to the New regulations of Foreign Spouse

MCCI 19 Apr 2019

Further to requests from its members and the business community, the MCCI has been conducting representations and discussions with the public authorities on the operationalisation and way forward for this new measure.


In this respect, the new amendments to the Regulations now provide for an exemption for existing non-citizens being spouses of a citizen of Mauritius, who were in residence and in employment as at 8th of March 2019.



The new regulations will only apply for non-citizens being spouses of Mauritian nationals who have been residing and working in Mauritius after the 8th of March 2019, and a moratorium of 3 months is granted to employers to obtain a permit in respect of such non-citizens under the Non-Citizens (Employment Restriction) (Work Permit) Regulations 2017.


The MCCI continues to work alongside the public authorities in order to ensure adoption of business-friendly guidelines for the application process of new non-citizens being spouse of a citizen of Mauritius, who take employment after the 8th of March 2019. 


Download the Communique from the Ministry of Labour, IR, Employment and Training here.


Download the Amendments made to the Regulations here.