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GS1 Mauritius participates in the 'Exporting to Africa' workshop

GS1 Mauritius participates in the 'Exporting to Africa' workshop

GS1 17 Jul 2017

GS1 Mauritius participated in a workshop on 'Exporting to Africa' organised by Enterprise Mauritius on 17 July 2017.


The workshop regrouped more than 100 entrepreneurs, mainly Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), who are new to exporting to Africa and the region, and companies which are already exporting to Africa and the region.  The aim of this workshop was to encourage SMEs to export to Africa and the region by fostering a better understanding to export procedures.


This 2-day workshop witnessed the intervention of various stakeholders including East African Community, banks, freight forwarders the Indian Ocean Commission, Mauritius Revenue Authority, Mauritius Standards Bureau, Ghana Export Promotion Authority amongst others.


The presentation delivered by Miss Fazlee Dhuny focused on the importance and benefits of adopting GS1 Barcodes when exporting: more specifically how GS1 Barcodes simplify and reduce regulatory information as well as how they support counterfeit surveillance and recall processes. Emphasis was also laid down on the importance of GS1 barcodes versus proprietary barcodes.


The presentations and more information can be accessed here.