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Information Session with Competition Commission  on Guidelines for Mergers and Competitor Collaboration

Information Session with Competition Commission on Guidelines for Mergers and Competitor Collaboration

MCCI 29 Jul 2020

The MCCI, in collaboration with the Competition Commission conducted an information session for its members on 20 July 2020. 


The Secretary General of the MCCI, Dr Yousouf Ismael, highlighted that the MCCI has always shown its strong commitment to competition law and policy as it is one of the central elements of a modern and open market economy. He also expressed his appreciation to the Competition Commission for its proactive and collaborative approach in dealing with competition issues and the private sector.


Mr. Deshmuck Kowlessur, the Executive Director of the Competition Commission, stated for his part that the MCCI has been working in close collaboration with the Commission since its establishment in 2009. He highlighted the important role played by the MCCI during the lockdown by ensuring coordination of retail activities to make sure that the value chain is sustained and also by ‘bridging the gap’ between the private sector and the government.


Members were briefed on two important issues during the information session:


(i) Proposed Amendments to the Guidelines on Mergers

CCM is proposing changes to the ‘Guidelines for Mergers’ which relate to the definition and interpretation of ‘Control’ with the objective of clarifying this specific section of the Competition Act. The Commission has invited members for submission of comments on proposed amendments.


(ii) Guidance being provided on Competitor Collaboration related to the impact of Covid-19

In time of crisis, national interests prevail and there may be circumstances where it is in the interest of the consumers and the country that firms collaborate in order to ensure the supply of goods. The Competition Commission will be providing informal and non-binding guidance on possible collaboration aimed to address issues caused by the Covid-19 crisis in respect of production, acquisition and supply of good and service in Mauritius.

The Guidance Programme is being provided on an exceptional basis and for a limited period, ending on 11 December 2020.