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MCCI Accelerated Technology Transfer Platform

MCCI Accelerated Technology Transfer Platform

MCCI 17 Apr 2019

In August 2018, the MCCI obtained the approval of a project proposal submitted to the EU for a financial assistance to the tune of EUR 300,000. The project aims at assisting the MCCI in improving the knowledge and expertise on IPR and to encourage technology transfer agreements between Mauritian and EU companies through an Accelerated Technology Transfer Platform.


The project was launched on 22nd of October 2018, in the presence of the EU Ambassador, Mrs Marjaana Sall, the French Ambassador, Mr. Emmanuel Cohet and Mr. Marday Venkatasamy, C.SK, President of the MCCI.


The activities financed under the project are as follows:-

(1)    Formulation of a Needs and Gap Analysis Report of Mauritian IP Mechanism, including MCCI IP Services. This will include an assessment of the technical expertise, competencies and IT/ Technology System available at the MCCI as well as different options and alternatives for the setting up of an Accelerated Technology Transfer Platform at the MCCI, to act as a central entity for technology transfer partnerships from abroad to Mauritian companies.


(2)    An Electronic Technology Transfer Platform Specifications Report for the development of an accelerated technology transfer software to enable the MCCI to develop linkages with technology providers such as Enterprise Europe Network, Innovate UK, MESAP, AIT and a research institute from Estonia.


(3)    A Model Cooperation Agreement for the benefit of the MCCI to be signed with relevant international technology partner organisations. 


(4)    Establishing Five technology partnership linkages between the MCCI and its relevant international partners in the EU. In devising the accelerated technology transfer platform for Mauritius, the MCCI has identified a number of  leading European institutions – The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), Innovate UK, MESAP, AIT, Estonia


(5)    Training in drafting of patents and IPR Agreements through 3 training sessions to professionals, legal practitioners, and business organisations through drafting of patents and IPR agreements




Dr. Andrea Ferrari,an international expert on technology transfer is the team leader of the project and responsible for developing a business model and the capacity building of the MCCI staff in developing this new service. He is assisted by Mr. Laurent Potet, an expert on I.T platforms, for developing the MCCI ATTP Platform, and Mrs. Nefissa Chakroun, who is training lawyers , professionals and engineers on the drafting of Patent and IPR Agreements.