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Presentation of the e-Procurement system

Presentation of the e-Procurement system

MCCI 11 Sep 2020

A presentation on the e-Procurement system was held at the MCCI on  11 September 2020. The aim of the presentation was to inform members of the business community and to sensitize suppliers about the E-Procurement system (e-PS).


Mr. Gawesh Jawaheer, Project Manager at the Procurement Policy Office, emphasized on the benefits of using the e-PS, namely lower transaction costs, decreased risk for fraud and corruption by reducing the human intervention, enhanced competition among the business community and increased access for small and medium enterprises. An appeal was made to suppliers to register themselves on the e-PS platform.


With the e-Procurement System, Government is bringing digital transformation to the G2B ecosystem in line with the goal as set in the government budget of 2020-2021 where all public bodies are obliged to have the e-PS by the 31st December 2020.