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Supermarkets and retailers – re-opening as from 2nd April 2020

Supermarkets and retailers – re-opening as from 2nd April 2020

31 Mar 2020

Retailers and supermarkets will be open from Monday to Saturday as from 2 April 2020 from 9 am to 5 pm.


Customers will have to go in alphabetical order as follows:


  • A-F: Monday and Thursday
  • G-N: Tuesday and Friday
  • O-Z: Wednesday and Saturday
  • Supermarkets closed on Sunday.


Each customer will have to show his/her identity card, which will be checked by the police. It is compulsory for each one to wear a mask.


Compulsory to bring ID card, wear mask, bring a shopping bag there.


Trolleys will be sanitised, only one trolley per person allowed.


Temperature and cough of the person may be checked at supermarket.


Only 1 person is allowed per family.


It will be compulsory to follow a fixed path while shopping. Customers will not be allowed to return back in the fixed path.


Maximum allowed time for shopping be will 30 minutes.


The number of clients will be limited at any one time to prevent long queues at cashiers.


Basic essential products will be limited to three units per person. For example, rice, toilet paper, etc. This will be properly indicated on the shelves.  


Frozen, fresh products, and bread will already be in packs with price on it.


Bakeries will be closed but they will send bread to supermarkets and shops.


A customer can spend a maximum of 30 mns in the supermarket. Hand sanitizers will be placed at entrance and will be compulsory for everyone. The staff of the supermarkets will wear gloves and masks.