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Government Measures for Informal sector

Government Measures for Informal sector

Economy 31 Mar 2020


On 13 March, the Minister of Finance Economic Planning and Development, Hon. R. Padayachy announced a plan of Rs. 9 Bn and they further came up with the Wage Assistance Scheme (to help in salary payout).


35,000 necessity packs have already been distributed to eligible people.


Today, 31st March, he has announced measures for the informal sector: masons, hairdressers, hawkers, artists, etc


50% minimum salary to each person, Rs. 5,100 per person. This money will be credited to their account and if they do not have a bank account, they will receive same by post. All eligible person are requested to register with the MRA online. If they do not have access to the internet, they are requested to contact the MRA on the hotline 207 6000.


Government will also help small entrepreneur, of less than Rs. 50 Million turnover a year. through a Special Relief Amount. 6 months moratorium on capital is already applicable but will also be extended to interest.


Rs 1 Million from DBM  will be available for all companies less than Rs 10 million turnover and having difficulties to get loan from commercial banks.


Many companies are having difficulties to pay their rent. Landscope Mauritius will relieve all penalties on rent. DBM will relieve all rental payments during curfew.


Private landlords can be paid through DBM loan, revolving credit fund. No interest on this financing up to December 2020. Private landlords are requested to have a clear understanding of the situation.


The Ministry has also decided to relieve fees for market operators and fair operators. More than 13,000 persons are concerned. Those who already made the payment, the amount will be deducted in their next payment.


More information will be available in the official communique.