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Turkey and Mauritius to enhance trade relations

Turkey and Mauritius to enhance trade relations

Trade 16 Feb 2015

A high-level business delegation from Turkey, led by Mr. Omer Hakan Beki, met with the Mauritian entrepreneurs at the MCCI today.

In his address, Mr. Omer Hakan Baki expressed the wish that  the business opportunities between the two countries be further explored. He said that Turkey has  know-how in Textile and Clothing, Automotive products and jewelry. The delegation is looking for new opportunities in the following sectors: Tourism, agriculture, logistics and construction.

The Vice-President of the MCCI, Mrs. Hélène Echevin, who chaired the meeting, recalled that the MCCI signed  agreements of cooperation with the Foreign Exchange Relations Board of Turkey(DEIK) and with the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey  (TOBB) and said that businessmen can avail themselves of this platform to develop new contacts in both countries.

Mr. Assad Bhuglah, the Director of Trade Policy Unit, Ministry of  Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade, recalled that the Free Trade Agreement signed in 2011, provides preferential access for a number of products manufactured in Mauritius. He also emphasized on the  fact that Mauritius can be used as a gateway for Turkish business people who want to tap the regional market.

During the course of discussions, the issue of direct flight connections  between Turkey and Mauritius was raised.

It has also been proposed that a Mauritius week be organized in Turkey in 2015.

Photo: From left to right: Mr. Ömer Hakan Baki, Chairperson of the Turkish-Mauritian Joint Business Council, Mrs. Hélène Echevin, Vice-President of the MCCI, Mr. Assad Bhuglah, Director – Trade Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade and Ms. Faeeza Ibrahimsah, Manager – Communications and Promotion Division