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Industry-Academia collaboration: A key factor to enhance development

Industry-Academia collaboration: A key factor to enhance development

Industry 03 Dec 2020

“University-Industry Collaborations: The way Forward” was the theme chosen by the University of Mauritius (UoM) to mark the third day of the Innovation Week 2020, which was held on Wednesday the 2nd of December.

The Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) cohosted the event and brought together a panel of industry champions. The discussions were led by the Secretary-General of the MCCI, Dr Yousouf Ismaël. In his keynote address, he insisted on the need for young minds to adopt an innovative mindset. “Often, we like to copy what others are doing. I want you, when you join the workforce, to have this culture of innovation. Ask questions, find solutions and take risks”, stated Dr Yousouf Ismaël to students present. The Secretary-General also listed the other obstacles that hinder innovation, amongst which, the lack of funding. “Research & Development is an investment, not a cost”, he reminded the assistance.

As for the Vice-Chancellor of the UoM, Professor Dhanjay Jhurry, he reiterated his efforts for the UoM to have a strong partnership with the business community.

Members who constituted the panel were Anthony Coombes, Managing Director of Archemics Ltd, Geerish Bucktowonsingh, Head of Manufacturing at the Economic Development Board, Ramanathan Venkatasawmy, Head Collaborative Economic Development at Business Mauritius, Jaqueline Sauzier, Secretary-General of the Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture, Kendall Tang, CEO of RT Knits Ltd, Shateeaum Sewpaul, General Manager of Harel Mallac Technologies Ltd and Bruno Dubarry, CEO of the Association of Mauritian Manufacturers.

The UoM Innovation Week 2020 is a first of its kind. It aims at bringing together academia, the public sector and the private sector in view of strengthening partnerships between the parties for the benefit of the country. The primary purpose of this first UoM Innovation Week is to enhance interactions between all stakeholders in view of stimulating an innovation and entrepreneurship culture in Mauritius, in line with UoM’s vision.