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MCCI- UNDP: Setting up of a Business Intelligence Platform for  SADC region

MCCI- UNDP: Setting up of a Business Intelligence Platform for SADC region

Regional Cooperation 10 Dec 2020

An Agreement between the MCCI and UNDP for the setting up of a Business Intelligence Platform for the SADC Region has been signed on the 10 December 2020 at the seat of the MCCI by the Secretary-General of the MCCI, Dr Yousouf Ismaël, and Ms Amanda K. Serumaga, the UNDP Resident Representative for Mauritius and Seychelles.


The main objectives of this project are to gather economic indicators and sectoral analysis and to provide a tool set for businesses in the SADC region to collect and analyse data to reveal actionable insights that can help improve decision-making and also to develop a synergy among all economies of the SADC. The project will be implemented on a pilot basis in Mauritius.


In his speech, the President of the MCCI, Mr Guillaume Hugnin, highlighted the importance of the sharing of relevant information: “Knowledge is key and imprecise information leads to bad decision-making, hence the critical need for reliable economic information …The Business Intelligence Platform is going to be a prerequisite to adapt to and overcome the challenges brought on in the ever changing business environment” he said.


He also spoke about the commitment of the MCCI to promote trade and investment at regional level through its membership of various regional organisations namely the Cap Business Océan Indien, the COMESA Business Council, the IORBF, and the SADC Business Council.


The UNDP Resident Representative, Ms Amanda K. Serumaga, expressed satisfaction regarding the collaboration between UNDP and the MCCI: “In such a difficult context, businesses must re-invent themselves to cope with weak domestic demand and face the challenges in the export markets. Business intelligence (BI) can be one of the solutions to respond to this unique situation’, she said.


This pilot project which is receiving the support from UNDP for the amount of 1.8Million MUR will be implemented by the MCCI through its IT partners to set up an integrated Business Intelligence Platform for Mauritius initially and thereafter for the SADC region.



Legend:Dr Yousouf Ismaël and Ms Amanda k. Serumaga