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Launch of the Business Intelligence (BI) Platform

Launch of the Business Intelligence (BI) Platform

02 Mar 2023

The Business Intelligence (BI) Platform, a unified dashboard containing compiled data from official sources, has been launched on 1 March 2023.


 The BI Platform, a joint MCCI-UNDP initiative, aims at serving as a foundation for Mauritian importers and exporters and assists them in identifying opportunities in the global market.


The event was held at the MCCI Conference Room, in the presence of Mrs Namita Jagarnath-Hardowar, President of the MCCI, Ms Amanda Serumaga, UNDP Resident Representative for Mauritius and Seychelles and  of representatives of public organisations.


“The platform specificity also enables a macro view of various sectors of the Mauritian economy where users can look at one country - but also compare the breakdown of goods and services between any two or more countries”, highlighted Mrs Namita Jagarnath-Hardowar in her address.


She added that the MCCI would like to take this project one step further by collaborating and developing a synergy with other Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the African region with the objective of consolidating business relations within the region.


Ms Amanda Serumaga stressed on the significant impact that the Covid pandemic had on the Mauritian economy, due to which, businesses have had to reinvent themselves. “The launch of the MCCI BI Dashboard has been an experimental exercise attempting to provide the business community at a glance the main economic indicators. We foresee this system to mature into a platform, benefitting members of the business community, including SMEs and local entrepreneurs, to provide a tool to curate and analyze data, promote synergy between SADC countries, enhance regional cooperation and integration, and improve access to business knowledge”, she underlined.

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From Left to Right: 


Mr Anwar Kaidoo, Operations Manager MCCI, Mr Saravanen Anben Mauree, Assistant Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Commerce and Consumer Protection, Mrs. Vichittra Purdassee, Project Manager, UNDP, Mrs. Rooksana Moraby, Ag. Deputy Director of Statistics, Statistics Mauritius, Mrs Rooma Narrainen, Head of Advocacy, MCCI, Ms Amanda Serumaga Mrs Namita Jagarnath-Hardowar, Mrs Sarada Moothoosamy, Officer in Charge & Head of Finance & Management, MCCI, Mr. Geerish Bucktowonsing, Director Industry, Economic Development Board, Ms Rushaa Badaloo & Mrs Diya Jaunky, Analysts MCCI, Mrs Nishta Surajbali-Servansingh, Economist, MCCI and Mr Rajeev Pydayya, Analyst (Trade), Ministry of Commerce and Consumer Protection.