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Mauritius-Thailand cooperation: strengthening existing relations

Mauritius-Thailand cooperation: strengthening existing relations

Cooperation 19 Sep 2018


During the meeting with Mr. Aphirak Paepuang, Minister (Commercial), Office of Commercial Affairs, Royal Thai Embassy, with residence in Pretoria, discussions focused on the strengthening of existing relations between Thailand and Mauritius. The meeting was held today, 19th September 2018, at the seat of the MCCI.


Mr. Paepuang (left), who was accompanied by Mr. Sean Kearns, Marketing Officer of the Thai Trade Center, expressed the wish for further collaboration between members of the business communities of both countries.


Mr. Ganesh Ramalingum (right), Vice-President of the MCCI, agreed that to enhance this cooperation, both parties need to share pertinent business and trade information, organise B2B meetings and encourage members to participate in business networking events.