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New Regulations for Safety Requirements on Controlled Goods by MSB

New Regulations for Safety Requirements on Controlled Goods by MSB

Trade 19 Sep 2019

The Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Regulations 2017 have been revoked and replaced by a new Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Regulations 2019 which is operational since 31st August 2019.


The new Regulations make provisions for the Mauritius Standards Bureau (MSB) to undertake the verification of certificates of conformity within 2 working days and for the publication of guidelines by the MSB on the procedures and documentation required for the application and approval of certificates of conformity for controlled goods.


The new Regulations also provide that, in the case where no certificate of conformity is submitted to Customs for controlled goods by the MSB, the importer can still clear the goods under seal, thus avoiding storage and demurrage charges.


Given that numerous complaints have been received from its Members on the previous Regulations, the MCCI has been advocating for a new legislation for importers that would allow for more flexibility in the clearance of controlled goods by MSB, and has been working closely with the Economic Development Board (EDB) in this endeavour.


A copy of the Regulations is available at the MCCI. For more information, please contact Mrs. V. Bissessur, on Tel: 2034830.