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Review of ban on export of scrap metals

Review of ban on export of scrap metals

Economy 16 Sep 2019


Members are apprised that the current ban on export of scrap metals, including copper and copper alloys, has been lifted as from the 16th September 2019.


A new Consumer Protection (Scrap Metal) Regulations has been promulgated with a view to streamlining the restrictions on scrap metals exports. In this respect, manufacturing companies generating as by-product scrap metals shall no longer need a permit exporting scrap metals. Moreover, the legislation has been amended to allow companies to deal in and export scrap metals, provided they have a necessary license from the Ministry of Commerce.


The review of the ban on scrap metals forms part of Pre-Budgetary Advocacy by the MCCI in order to promote an effective circular economy model.


The new Consumer Protection (Scrap Metal) regulations can be accessed here.