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Presentation of the Rawal Expo 2020

Presentation of the Rawal Expo 2020

Cooperation 14 Aug 2020

A presentation of the Rawal Expo 2020 was held at the MCCI on the 13 August 2020.


The International Rawal Expo is a headline event that’s held annually by the Rawalpindi Chamber of and Industry (RCCI).  

In his opening remarks, the President of the MCCI, Mr. Guillaume Hugnin, highlighted the good relations which exist between the private sector organisations of both countries. He recalled that a Joint Business Council was signed in 2004 between the MCCI and the Federation of the Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry with the objective of enhancing business relations between the two countries. An MoU was also signed with the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2017.


Speaking about the trade figures, Mr. Guillaume Hugnin said that since the implementation of the PTA agreement in 2007, a range of new products have been exported from Mauritius to Pakistan. He added that trade in goods between the two countries has been fluctuating and did not pick up to the level expected. The trade balance has been largely in favour of Pakistan.  


He expressed the wish that Mauritian companies avail themselves of the opportunities offered to enhance exports to Pakistan.

His Excellency, Dr Syed Rizwan Ahmed, said that he hoped that Mauritian businessmen would be able to take full advantage of the event and contact with their counterparts using this virtual setup.


The President of the Mauritius-Pakistan Joint Business Council, Mr. Shehzad Ahmed, invited members of the business community to visit the Rawal Expo 2020.


The Secretary-General of the MCCI, Dr Yousouf Ismaël, highlighted the opportunities which can be further exploited between the two countries.