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Work Access Permit during confinement period in view of Covid-19

Work Access Permit during confinement period in view of Covid-19

Economy 22 Mar 2020


Application process is as follows:

1. Download Application Forms

2. Submit applications on


3. Information on Status of Application by email


4. Collection of Approved Work Permit to be communicated by email


5. Printing and distribution of Employee Work Access Permit by the Employer following Step 4


6. Employees involved in the preparation and payment of salaries in their companies are allowed to attend duty with a self-attestation


Download full communique and application forms here


During the confinement period, the general public will be restricted for movement. Employers shall encourage “Work-from-Home” to ensure business continuity.


To ensure that activities that are necessary for the proper functioning of the Country during this period may continue, some employees will be allowed to attend duty on-site provided they are in possession of an authorised COVID 19 Work Access Permit.


These Permits will be authorised by the Monitoring Committee – COVID 19, set up by Government, to employers in the following economic activities and its related support services:


 ▪ Supply of food (including Bakeries, take away and home deliveries)

 ▪ Food production, farming (fruits, vegetables & livestock), food processing and beverages

 ▪ Supermarkets and associated supply chains (including online purchase and home delivery)

 ▪ Freight Forwarding and other Logistic Activities

 ▪ Licensed Telecom Operators

 ▪ Petrol Stations and Cooking Gas distribution

 ▪ Banks, Insurance and other Financial Services

 ▪ Tourism

 ▪ Airlines

 ▪ Port and Airport related activities

 ▪ Press, Media and associated services

 ▪ Transport Industry including Taxis

 ▪ Security Guards and Watchmen